Income protection – the self help, smart way for the self-employed to cover themselves in an unpredictable world

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Income protection insurance is an invaluable safety net for self-employed individuals, providing them with critical, and often instant , financial support if they are unable to work due to illness or injury.

– Michael Jordan, Director at Manor Financial

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The Self Employed, are NOT entitled to Statutory Sick Pay, currently paid at £109.40 p/w for up to 28 weeks. The cold reality is that if sick or injured, without income protection, small business owners are left to sink or swim.

A recent report concluded that 17% (almost one in five) of self-employed workers would carry on working despite illness or injury*

4 Common reasons why the self-employed don’t take out income protection insurance

  • Simply forget primarily because they are too busy and do not have time to think about it
  • A basic need to reduce monthly business expenditure
  • Genuinely not aware that income protection cover exists
  • Choose to deprioritise it for perceived more important business matters

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The same report concluded that ONLY 6% of self-employed individuals take out income protection, compared to nearly 16% of employees*

This is even more concerning considering the self-employed are the section of the British workforce who have the least resources and extremely limited, if any, management support structures. They are gambling not just with their future financial security, but those of their employees and business suppliers!

Running a business is often all consuming, costly, stressful, and unpredictable; with capital and regular operational expenses, as well as surprise expenses that are frighteningly unpredictable. This reflects that traditionally the majority of self-employed people do not want to spend extra on income protection or sickness cover.

But imagine how crippling the stress and how traumatic the personal turmoil would be if, while juggling all your complex tasks and numerous responsibilities, you were struck down by a sudden illness or nasty accident; leaving you strapped for cash, unable to pay your bills and keep your business going, let alone the staff who depend on you for their livelihoods.

Research shows the self-employed are more likely to be forced to work through pain or injury in order to stop the wheels coming off their business. We are all too familiar with people who come into work sick so that they don’t lose earnings; so sadly, this is the reality for a lot of business owners, even more so in the current climate.

The good news is that, genuine dependable financial assistance is readily available to address the unique and complex challenges that the self-employed sector face through Manor Financials’ range of Income Protection policies.

Manor Financials’ policies are flexible and customised to fit the needs of business owners, large and small, from sole traders and startups to self-employed owners of corporate enterprises.

Side view of upset male entrepreneur in formal wear sitting on couch in modern living room and contemplating about financial problems while leaning on hands and looking down


Worried that you will have to pay significantly higher insurance premiums, to cover the financial outgoings & administrative complexities of your business?

Relax – because a fully comprehensive income protection policy for a self-employed individual or business owner from the experienced, brokers at Manor Financial costs as little as £2.50 a week.

Side view of upset male entrepreneur in formal wear sitting on couch in modern living room and contemplating about financial problems while leaning on hands and looking down
The monthly policy premium (when compared to the cost implications that uncovered individuals are exposed to through loss of earnings after suffering unexpected illness or injury) represents a significant value for money financial saving.

Self Employed Status

Policy Benefits Summary

  • Cover starts from a little as £10 per month
  • Up to 70% of your income will be protected if you’re unable to work
  • Get policy approval and comprehensive protection in 24 hours
  • All payments are Tax Free
  • Regular, scheduled payments to cover essential bills and expenses
  • Flexible short OR long term policy options. You decide
    Choose when to receive your pay outs – after a day, a week or a month or two
  • FCA Approved
  • Self-employed payments are calculated on your net profits
  • As a broker we search the market to get you the lowest and best British policy

By taking out a new Manor Financial income protection policy, you will ensure your financial security and business’ future are in safe, experienced, professional hands.

Business owners have limited free time, so it’s a relief that Manor Financial customers can quickly get access to expert policy advice, select the correct level of insurance for their self-employed status & circumstances and get immediate cover.

With the unpredictable nature of working for yourself, why continue gambling with your future, by going unprotected for the equivalent of a monthly Netflix subscription!

Call Now and secure your cover today!

Manor Financial currently supports 100’s of self-employed individuals through a range of custom-made policies – covering professions as diverse as Freelance Writers, Carpenters, Graphic Designers, Personal Trainers, Business Analysts, Photographers, Cleaners, Gardeners, Dog Walkers, Tutors, Business Consultants, Window Cleaners and many more.

With instant policy decisions and an easy-to-activate set up, plus up to 70% of your income protected, what have you got to lose? Even more so, when you factor in that self-employed individuals are not eligible for statutory sick pay.

So, if you are worried about missing even one paycheque because of unfortunate circumstances, rest assured that Manor Financial will have your back.

Do not gamble with your future financial security and mental wellbeing for the sake of less than £2.50 a week. Sign up today for Self-Employed Income Protection and leave the stress about finances to the experts.

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