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EverydayProtect can help you, your partner or family cope financially by providing a lump sum if you suffer an injury, die or have to spend time in a UK hospital as a result of an accident.

What is EverydayProtect?

EverydayProtect can help you, your partner or family cope financially

If you suffer an injury, die or have to spend time in a UK hospital as a result of an accident, EverydayProtect can provde you a lump sum.

An accident is a sudden event which happens by chance and couldn’t be expected. EverydayProtect provides cover for a wide range of accidental injuries from broken bones to those that could have a significant impact on your life. After 12 months, it also covers you for stays in a UK hospital for sickness. The optional cover available for children, active lifestyles and healthcare allow you to tailor your protection to your needs.

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Why is EverydayProtect right for me?
  • Flexible cover when you need it

    EverydayProtect provides financial support for a range of specified accidental injuries and UK hospital stays. You can claim for multiple injuries and your policy will continue to protect you in the future.

  • Great value

    Cover starts from as little as £9 to £45 per month, depending on the level of protection you choose. Plus, the cost of your cover won’t change when you make a claim or as you get older.

  • Getting you back on your feet

    You will receive UK hospital cover for every 24 hours you spend as an in-patient as the result of an accident. Once you’ve held your policy for at least 12 months, you can also claim for time spent in hospital due to sickness.

  • Cover, whatever your circumstances

    We won’t ask you any health questions when you take out the policy. You can take out this policy from 18 years old up to your 65th birthday and can continue cover up until your 75th birthday.

  • Peace of mind

    Accidental death and non-accidental death cover, to provide peace of mind if the worst happens.

How does it work?

With MetLife EverydayProtect, it is entirely up to you
Below you will see the table of all your options. You can select which cover you would like and any additional cover types. You can also select how many units you want. The more units the larger the payout!

Broken Bones

Cover is up to £4,000 per broken bone, even if you break more than one.

Accidental Death

Should the worst happen, EverydayProtect provides cover for upto £200,000.

UK Hospital Stays

Cover is up to £250 per 24-hour period you're admitted to a UK hospital due to an accident or sickness1

Accidental Permanent Injuries

Covers a wide range of life-changing injuries up to £250,000

Total Permanent disablement

Cover up to £250,000

Non Accidental Death

Up to £10,000 if you die as a result of natural causes, or your premiums

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Case Study

Meet Daniel – a MultiProtect customer and trusted financial adviser. Hear how MetLife helped Daniel and his family at their time of need when he had a serious Motocross accident.

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To complete your journey to financial protection security for you and your family.

Product Matrix

Comparison table of our insurance products

Benefit Income Protection Life Insurance Home Insurance Over 50's Cover Private Healthcare Critical Illness Cover Inheritance Tax Reduction
Protects homeowners by covering repairs/rebuild costs
Offers tax-free payouts to beneficiaries
Provides ongoing income to replace lost income/salary
Pays a lump sum on death

green tick (lump sum)

Provides financial security for loved ones (as ongoing income)

green tick (lump sum)

green tick (lump sum)

green tick (lump sum)

green tick (lump sum)

May cover pre-existing medical conditions (limited exceptions)
Offers access to private medical treatment
May offer additional benefits

(accident cover, rehabilitation)

(funeral expenses, child support)

(contents cover, alternative accommodation)

(dental, mental health)

(trusts, life insurance policies)

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Income Protection and Life Insurance specialists

MetLife Everyday Protect is an insurance plan that provides financial support for a range of specified accidents, injuries and hospital stays within the UK. It is a flexible policy, generally paid as a lump sum and can be customised to suit your individual or business needs. Some popular key benefits of MetLife Everyday Protect include:
  • Financial support for accidents and injuries: through financial support for a UK hospital stay, lost income, medical bills and travel expenses.
  • Optional cover for children: You can add your children to your policy for a small additional fee, to ensure they are also covered for accidental injuries and hospital stays.
  • Worldwide cover: MetLife Everyday Protect covers you 24/7 worldwide, so you can travel for business or on holiday knowing you’re protected.
  • Free access to the Wellbeing Support Centre: MetLife Everyday Protect policyholders have free and unlimited access to the Wellbeing Support Centre, provided by Health Assured. This offers a wealth of specialised resources, such as counselling, financial and legal advice.

MetLife is also renown for great customer service and for providing a range of affordable and flexible products for corporates and individuals.

The maximum age for purchasing a MetLife insurance policy in the UK depends entirely on the type of policy required.

For individual protection policies, such as Everyday Protect, the maximum age is 65, for MortgageSafe it’s 59 and ChildShield is 17.

To initiate a claim payout, the policyholder or beneficiary must submit a claim form and provide any supporting documentation asap. They will then be contacted to discuss the specifics of the claim.

If the claim is approved, MetLife will release the payout funds using the preferred method of payout chosen by the policyholder or beneficiary. Once your claim is approved payment is usually made within 5 business days. Please note, payment times may vary.

Met Life is one of the largest and most popular global insurance companies. They are a leading international provider of insurance, annuities and employee benefit programmes in over 40 countries.

MetLife is a highly reputable insurance company that has a superior bond credit rating from S&P and Moody’s. These scores reflect MetLife’s financial strength and ability to pay customer claims.

There are several benefits including comprehensive and flexible coverage, as MetLife offers a wide range of insurance products to protect UK citizens against a variety of risks, including life insurance, income protection, accident and illness cover, and more. Allowing customers to choose the policy and coverage specifics that best suits their individual needs and budget.

Primary policy benefits are often listed as financial protection – as income replacement, peace of mind, affordability, return to work support, portability from one company to another, free access to a Wellbeing Support Centre, plus discounts for employees of specific companies.

MetLife Europe is registered in Dublin, Ireland, and MetLife UK & Worldwide has offices in London and Brighton. MetLife UK offers a range of individual and employee protection solutions, including life insurance, income protection, and critical illness cover. MetLife UK products are only available through financial advisers and intermediaries.

MetLife has been operating in the UK since 2007 and has helped millions of customers protect their families and finances.

In the UK, the age at which life insurance stops or becomes more difficult to obtain can vary depending on the type of life insurance, your employment status and the terms and conditions set by each insurer. Speak to your us to understand the specifics for the policy you’d like.

The older you get the more relevant life insurance is to protect yourself and your family. It will also ensure that any payment made upon your death helps your family with outstanding debts, funeral costs and mortgage payments.

Absolutely. Your premiums will be priced according to your medical history including any pre-existing conditions. As well as your occupation, budget and your smoker status.

* Sickness is covered once you’ve held your policy for at least 12 months

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