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What is Over 50's life insurance?

Over 50’s life insurance is a type of insurance specifically for people aged 50 and over.

It can be used to ease the burden of financial commitments when you pass away, for example, funeral costs, debts, or even an inheritance financial support package for family or a loved one.

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How does it work?

It couldn’t be any easier. An over 50’s plan comes with a GUARANTEED policy acceptance!

As long as you are aged between 50 – 80 you can get cover, regardless of your health, you don’t need to go through any stressful medical questions or medical underwriting.

Simply choose how much cover you need and the monthly premium is fixed for the duration of the plan. An Over 50’s plan is whole of life cover, so you have the peace of mind knowing that you will not out live the policy. As long as you keep up with premiums until your death or 90th birthday, cover will continue for the rest of your life.

You can also choose your beneficiaries of the plan by placing the policy into trust, so that your beneficiaries are paid quicker and crucially they will not have to pay an inheritance tax on the sum assured.

Some of our policy providers will also give you a funeral funding option, so they will, out of their pocket make a payment direct to your chosen funeral director.

Why take out an Over 50’s life insurance plan?

Funeral Costs – An over 50’s plan can be ideal to ease the burden of funeral costs after you have passed away. It can pay a fixed sum on death, and be paid directly to a family member to help with the funeral costs.

Family – Many people take out an over 50’s life insurance policy to leave some money to their loved ones. This could be to help pay for medical costs after you’ve gone, or you may just want to leave them some inheritance cash for the future.

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How much does an Over 50’s life insurance cost?

The cost of an over 50’s life insurance policy will vary depending on three factors, including:
  • Your age
  • Amount of cover you require
  • Smoker status

According to Cancer Research UK, around 1 in 4 new cancer cases diagnosed every year are among people aged under 60

Rising funeral costs

Protect your family against life’s most traumatic situation.

Due to inflation and the crippling ongoing cost of living crisis, the average cost of a funeral in the UK has risen to an eyewatering £4,141, up 4.7% in just 12 months!*. 
This frightening trend can come as an untimely horrifying shock and place significant financial strain on families already coping with the immense emotional hardship of having to plan an unexpected funeral.
Therefore proactive financial planning, including over 50s cover, can be a very sensible strategy; so why not speak to Manor Financial today to explore tailored options that will give you peace of mind and protect your loved ones.
*SunLife’s 2024 Cost of Dying Report
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Product Matrix

Comparison table of our insurance products

Benefit Income Protection Life Insurance Home Insurance Over 50's Cover Private Healthcare Critical Illness Cover Inheritance Tax Reduction
Protects homeowners by covering repairs/rebuild costs
Offers tax-free payouts to beneficiaries
Provides ongoing income to replace lost income/salary
Pays a lump sum on death

green tick (lump sum)

Provides financial security for loved ones (as ongoing income)

green tick (lump sum)

green tick (lump sum)

green tick (lump sum)

green tick (lump sum)

May cover pre-existing medical conditions (limited exceptions)
Offers access to private medical treatment
May offer additional benefits

(accident cover, rehabilitation)

(funeral expenses, child support)

(contents cover, alternative accommodation)

(dental, mental health)

(trusts, life insurance policies)

Our customers

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For Over 50’s life insurance plan
No. An over 50’s insurance policy gives you fixed premiums, so your monthly premium will never change.
No, you are guaranteed to be accepted regardless of any pre-existing medical conditions with an over 50’s plan.
Yes, you can put an over 50’s plan in trust. Putting your plan in trust would result in your beneficiary receiving the payout quicker and there is no inheritance tax to be paid.
Your insurer will give you a 30-day cooling-off period from the date of taking out your policy. Then after this, you can cancel your over 50’s plan at any time. However, you will not receive any money back from what you have paid into your policy and you will no longer be covered.

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