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Unlike the NHS, Private Medical Insurance (PMI) prioritises providing faster access to superior high quality healthcare. You will be seen quicker by qualified consultants, benefit from significantly reducing waiting times and consequently experience far less stress associated with waiting for treatment or a diagnosis.

You can’t put a price on yours or your family’s health – so don’t wait until there’s a medical emergency before you start seriously looking into first class care.

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What is private medical insurance?

Private Medical Insurance is an insurance policy that will significantly improve your medical experience.

A PMI policy with Manor Financial will provide you with the best medical care in the private sector. Our policies are designed specifically to provide customers with a range of important and valuable benefits.

Key policy benefits include payment of all your medical bills, tests, medical procedures, operations, consultation fees, overnight stays, cancer medication (some PMI policies even include medication that is not available on the NHS), mental health treatment and much more!

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How does it work?

Once covered, if you ever require medical assistance, you can contact your private provider quickly without queuing via a dedicated PMI service app or phone call.

Your private provider will then help you get a quick appointment with your local GP, skipping the usual stress inducing waiting times and lists.

If you require more extensive or continuous treatment, you will be referred to a private hospital for the additional treatment. If an overnight stay is required, again this would be at a private hospital. All costs will be covered by your policy.

Why take out a private medical insurance policy?

Jump the queue – private medical Insurance will drastically reduce or completely eliminate your waiting times for medical appointments. So you spend less time worrying and more time getting treated!

Private Hospital Accommodation – if you have to spend time in hospital, you will be instantly referred or sent directly to a private hospital; providing you with extra comfort, luxury surrounds and dedicated professional support as standard during your stay.

Specialist Consultants – private medical insurance, guarantees you will see the best consultants and specialists in the country. This will ensure you get the best medical advice, consultations and accurate diagnoses, plus aftercare help.

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How much does private medical insurance cost?

The cost of private medical insurance policy will vary depending on five key factors:

  • Your age
  • Location
  • Level of cover
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • If you want to cover your partner and/or children

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For private medical insurance policy

Typically, long term conditions are not covered in your policy. This covers acute illness’ so anything pre-existing or chronic will not be covered.
Yes, you can add people to your plan, this would include your husband/wife/partner and dependant children (under the age of 25). This would only be applicable to those living at the same address as you.
Private medical insurance is only applicable to those within the ages of 18-79 at the plan start date.
Private medical insurance covers you for 12 months at a time. At the end of the 12 months we would get in touch and give you the option to renew the policy.

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