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Here at Manor Financial, we can provide an array of insurance policies. Take a look at some of our policies below.

Income Protection

Income protection will ensure your Wages are Covered if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury.

Life Insurance

Life insurance will ensure your family will be Financially Protected in the event of your death.

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Critical Illness

Critical illness cover will pay out a lump sum directly to you if you’re diagnosed with a Critical Illness

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Inheritance Tax Reduction

Protect your loved one’s from an Inheritance Tax bill by taking out a life insurance policy.

Over 50's Plan

An Over 50’s plan is perfect to those over the age of 50. This life insurance policy offers Fixed Premiums and is Guaranteed Acceptance.

Home Insurance

Home insurance will protect your Property and Belongings in the event that something happens to your home.

Private Medical Insurance

A policy to provide you with the best medical care in the private sector. It was created to cover the costs of healthcare for medical conditions that occur after your policy has started.

Why Choose Manor Financial?

Over many years we have developed a hard-earned reputation for our honesty, no obligation quotes and flexible insurance products.

As experienced, respected insurance brokers, our key strength is listening to what customers really need to feel financially protected and providing them with trusted and fully transparent advisors to help them make the right decisions about protecting their income, property, families and futures.

of UK adults have income protection
0 %1
person is off on long-term sick for every 13 people working
1 2
was paid in 2022 to individual claims for life insurance, income protection & critical illness
£ 1.5 bn3
is the number of Britons that couldn't survive 3 months following an income shock
0 %4
of entitled Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) are NOT paid out to self employed individuals
£ 80 5
of your pre tax earnings are paid out for income protection on average.
50- 50 %6

Product Matrix

Comparison table of our insurance products

Benefit Income Protection Life Insurance Home Insurance Over 50's Cover Private Healthcare Critical Illness Cover Inheritance Tax Reduction
Protects homeowners by covering repairs/rebuild costs
Offers tax-free payouts to beneficiaries
Provides ongoing income to replace lost income/salary
Pays a lump sum on death

green tick (lump sum)

Provides financial security for loved ones (as ongoing income)

green tick (lump sum)

green tick (lump sum)

green tick (lump sum)

green tick (lump sum)

May cover pre-existing medical conditions (limited exceptions)
Offers access to private medical treatment
May offer additional benefits

(accident cover, rehabilitation)

(funeral expenses, child support)

(contents cover, alternative accommodation)

(dental, mental health)

(trusts, life insurance policies)

What our customers say

To continuously improve our service and built better products, we strongly believe in encouraging customers to feedback what’s working and where improvements could be made. To support this, we teamed up with the brilliant Reviews.IO, so everyone can leave honest reviews for everyone to see, in real time.

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  1. Only 7% of UK adults have income protection [source]
  2. For every 13 people working 1 is off on long-term sick [source]
  3. Individual claims for life insurance, income protection & critical illness paid £4.64 billion in 2022 [source]
  4. 40% of Britons couldn’t survive 3 months following an income shock [source]
  5. Self employed individuals are NOT entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) currently paid at £109.40 [source]
  6. Income protection generally pays out at between 50% and 70% of your pre tax earnings [source]

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