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Self Employed Income Protection

At Manor Financial we know losing your ability to work, even for a short period, can have a devastating impact on your personal finances, financial security and mental wellbeing; so we have a range of custom income protection solutions to fit all circumstances.
Through working with the UK’s leading insurers we can provide all our members with affordable protection policies, packed with flexible, useful and valuable benefits.
  • Cover starts from just £2.50 a week
  • All pay outs are TAX FREE
  • Up to 70% of your income will be protected if you’re unable to work
  • Policy approval and comprehensive protection in just 24 hours
  • Regular scheduled payments to cover essential bills and business & household expenses
  • Enrolment on a dedicated policy app – for policy premiums visibility & access to features
  • Flexible, bespoke short and long term policies
  • Access to GP appointments and mental health advice
  • Choose when to receive your pay outs – in days, weeks or after a month or two
  • FCA Approved Policies – for added security and peace of mind
  • Access to the most affordable British policies
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Did you know

In the UK there are over FOUR million self-employed individuals according to recent government figures. If you are among them – and so are without access to statutory sick pay (SSP) being unable to work through sickness and injury, long or even relatively short term, will have a major impact on your personal finances and ability to run your business.

In these circumstances, income protection insurance, especially for the self-employed provides a vital safety net; paying out a significant proportion UP TO 70% of your monthly income if you’re unable to work and generate income for yourself and your family.

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Manor Financials' Income Protection Eligibility & Terms

To qualify for any of our Illness and Injury Protection for Self Employed policies, you only need to provide a few simple details.
  1. Self-Employed Status: Be actively self-employed, as either a sole trader or limited company director
  2. Adequate Income: Demonstrate a track record of making consistent self-employed earnings, at a minimum level
  3. Business Activity: Your profession and type of work may influence the type of cover and premiums available

In addition, the following might be necessary depending on the type and cost of your chosen policy.

  1. Medical examination: A health assessment or physical examination might be required, to evaluate your health status and potential risk factors. Pre-existing conditions may also affect your premiums or eligibility.
  2. Access to additional benefits: policy features such as access to GP services, mental health advice, gym membership discounts, family member inclusions, may depend on the level and cost of your policy.

Why Choose Manor Financial for Your Income Protection Needs?

Overwhelmingly our customers regularly leave positive reviews and refer us to friends and associates.

As a qualified FCA insurance broker, we assist self-employed individuals, in several useful ways

  1. Expert advice and guidance: Our team of brokers have extensive income protection industry and regulatory knowledge, conduct regular risk management appraisals for self employed insurance options, research self-employment laws – all to assist you when selecting the most suitable plan for your requirements and budget.
  2. Comparative quotes: We specialise in continuously scanning the market and comparing quotes from multiple top insurers to ensure you get the best mix of available benefits, as well as maximum value for money
  3. Simplified application process: We’ve worked hard to simplify the end-to-end application process; and take care to handle all the complex & time consuming paperwork required to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience
  4. Post-claim support: We excel in providing ongoing support once you’ve signed up, through our highly rated customer communication and claim handling process, thus ensuring you receive the information, clarity and benefits you’re entitled too.
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By partnering with an experienced income protection broker, you’ll gain peace of mind and financial protection, knowing that your income is safeguarded in the face of any of life’s unexpected challenges.

We have developed a hard-earned reputation for our honest, relaxed approach, no obligation quotes and reliable & flexible insurance products; which provide expansive flexible financial cover, policy features and after sales support, for ALL our customers.

Comprehensive Coverage

What Manor Financial Protects

Securing Your Financial Future as a Self-Employed Professional. As a self-sufficient worker, your ability to earn an income is crucial to your personal, business and family’s financial well-being. However, any number of unexpected events like illness or injury can disrupt your earning potential, leaving you vulnerable to financial hardship. That’s where Manor Financial as an accredited broker, would step in, and provide expert guidance and tailored solutions to protect your financial future.

A Shield against Financial Uncertainty. As a leading income protection provider for the self-employed, our specialist team of experienced, qualified professionals have a deep understanding of the unique and often complex challenges faced by people who run their own businesses.

We’ll help you navigate potential minefields, evaluate your specific cover needs, consider any income fluctuations and assess what cover best fits your type of business. This way we’ll make sure you walk away with the most comprehensive, cost-effective plan.

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Understanding the Process

How Manor Financials’ Protection Works

Upon choosing the right income protection plan, you can rest assured that your financial stability is safeguarded; allowing you to get on with running your business without the constant worries of how you and your family will cope if you’re unable to work due to illness, injury, or an untimely injury. Our policy members receive a regular income replacement payment, to maintain their current living standards, meet financial obligations – including mortgage payments, and crucially allow you to focus on your full recovery.

Our customers

To continuously improve our service and built better products, we strongly believe in encouraging customers to feedback what’s working and where improvements could be made. To support this, we teamed up with the brilliant Reviews.IO, so everyone can leave honest reviews for everyone to see, in real time.


Income Protection and Life Insurance specialists

Self-employed individuals’ income isn’t linked to guaranteed regular salary payments. That’s why income protection insurance is viewed as an invaluable financial safety net if illness or injury leaves you unable to work. It provides you with scheduled income payments to cover your bills, mortgage and business expenses, allowing you to maintain your existing lifestyle while you recover.

The short answer is yes! Imagine losing your primary source of income, when you need it most, through no fault of your own. Income protection insurance provides you with regular support payments and financial peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that your bills and expenses are covered.

Remember, income protection is an investment in your future. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Secure your financial freedom now, so you can focus on what matters most – your health, business and happiness.

Contact the team at Manor Financial today for more details and a non-obligation policy quote to protect your income.

Our comprehensive set of income protection policies cover customers an extensive range of illnesses and injuries, including work and non-workplace accidents, some chronic conditions, plus certain mental health complaints.

You’ll receive weekly, monthly or pre-arranged scheduled tax-free payments based on your current individual income, ensuring your financial stability during difficult times when you’re unable to work.

You can typically protect up to 70% of your pre-tax income for your chosen period, usually ranging from 1 or 2 years, right up to your designated retirement age.

Our team will create a custom policy to suit your specific medical conditions and budget. Call today so we can get a better understanding of your circumstances and provide professional advice.

Your policy premium depends on several factors, including your age, health, occupation, chosen level of cover, and policy pay out schedule. Call Manor Financial today so we can discuss your specific set of circumstances, answer any questions, provide clarity regarding how your current circumstances affect the price. We’ll then provide you with a non-obligation quote.

While having great health and a clean medical record are always advantageous for securing lower premiums and getting a policy acceptance; we understand that’s not the case for a lot of people.

Therefore, at Manor Financial we promise to take an honest and considered view of your health and lifestyle to create a fair and affordable policy which is right for you.

Applying is super simple! Click here to request a call back or call 0800 368 7533 and speak to one of our friendly, trained specialists to get a personalised non obligation quote.

We’ll guide you through the whole process, answer your questions, alleviate any remain fears and get you covered within 24 hrs if you’re happy with the information provided.

Remember, income protection is an investment in your future. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Secure your financial freedom now, so you can focus on what matters most – your health, business and happiness.

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Manor Financials’ commitment to You

Your immediate and long-term financial security is at the heart of everything we do. Our promise to you, if you choose Manor Financial, is that you’ll be able to relax with the knowledge you’ve found the best Self Employment Coverage Plan for you and your family.

You’ll be joining a thriving growing community of thousands of Manor Financial customers, who feel informed, financially protected and continuously cared for, on aaffordable, flexible, fully comprehensive insurance policies.

So why not call our friendly, knowledgeable team today on 0800 368 7533 or leave us your details for a call back.

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