Private Medical Insurance 

What is it?

Private Medical Insurance is an insurance policy that will improve your medical experience. This policy will provide you with the best medical care in the private sector. It was created to cover the costs of healthcare for medical conditions that occur after your policy has started. Your policy usually covers you for a lot, this can include medical bills, all tests you would require, operations, consultation fees, overnight stays, cancer medication (some policies can include medication that is not available to the NHS), mental health treatment and many more!

How does it work?

If you were in need of medical assistance, you can contact your provider though different means such as an app, a call etc. They will then help you proceed with getting fast appointments with your local GP, skipping the waiting list. If you are required more treatment, you would then be referred to private hospitals for the accurate medical treatment. If you require an overnight stay, again this would be in the private hospital. All costs are covered by your policy.

Why take out an over 50’s plan?

Jump the que – With private medical Insurance you will lower all waiting time for medical appointments. Meaning less time to worry!

Private Hospital Stays – If you are having to spend time in hospital, you will get to go to a private hospital. This give you that extra comfort and luxury in your stay.

Specialist Consultants – With private medical insurance, this guarantees you to see the best consultant’s in the country. Offering you the best consultaions and more accurate diagnosis’.

How much does private medical insurance cost?

The cost of private medical insurance policy will vary depending on two factors, including:






Level of cover


Pre-existing medical conditions

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FAQ’s Private Medical Insurance

What isn't covered with private medical insurance

Typically, long term conditions are not covered in your policy. This covers acute illness’ so anything pre-existing or chronic will not be covered.

Would my plan just be for me or can I add people?

Yes, you can add people to your plan, this would include your husband/wife/partner and dependant children (under the age of 25). This would only be applicable to those living at the same address as you.

Is there an age limit?

Private medical insurance is only applicable to those within the ages of 18-79 at the plan start date.

How long does the plan last for?

Private medical insurance covers you for 12 months at a time. At the end of the 12 months we would get in touch and give you the option to renew the policy.

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