Compare Funeral Plans

With a Funeral Plan from Manor Financial, you can cover the costs of your funeral in advance, ensuring your loved ones won’t have to worry about any payments when the time eventually comes.

We make funeral planning a simple, affordable and stress-free process giving you peace of mind that all payments are taken care of. We understand that everyone has different requirements and that’s why we offer a range of plans along with flexible payment options.

Plans and Payment Options

Our Funeral Plans can be paid off in one simple sum or by manageable fixed monthly instalments, starting from less than £15 per month. You can also opt to pay for your Funeral Plan over a range of years, from shorter-term 1 year payment plans to longer 10 year arrangements.

Our plans are available to buy securely online or alternatively, you can contact our team on 0800 368 9671 who will be happy to help you start your preferred plan.

If you’re unsure which plan is best for you, simply fill in our quick quote form and a member of our team will be in touch.