How Income Protection will secure you.

How Income Protection will secure you.

What Is Income Protection?

In case you haven’t heard of income protection, this policy was introduced to cover a percentage of someone’s wage if they are unable to work due to sickness and injury so that they are still able to pay their bills. They would receive the payout until they are deemed healthy to go back to work.

Won’t Statutory Sick Pay cover My Wage?

The government do offer Statutory Sick Pay as a way to receive an income if you are off work because of sickness or injury. However, Statutory Sick Pay is set at an inadequate £92.05 per week. Would you be able to cover all of your outgoings and everyday living costs on less than £400 per month? Whilst a lot of people have life insurance in place in the event of death, very few people have any safeguards in place in the event of not being able to work due to sickness or injury.

How Can Income Protection Help Me?

No one can predict when sickness or injury can happen, but there is a way to get peace of mind that your salary would be covered. Manor Financial and our panel of 5* Defaqto insurers pay you a monthly tax-free amount, on top of the statutory sick pay you will receive from your employer. For the employed, we cover up to 70% of your monthly income on top of statutory sick pay. We replace your wages for the days you cannot work. You can receive the monthly benefits from 1,000’s of illnesses and injuries. This can be anything from a kidney infection, a broken bone, chest infection to more serious or critical illnesses such as a stroke, heart attack or cancer. As long as you have a sick note and it’s not for a pre-existing condition that was diagnosed before you took the policy out, then you can receive the payments.

Who Can Get Income Protection?

Anyone can get an income protection policy, depending on their health. Different jobs will require different premiums and some jobs would not qualify due to the high-risk nature, but we ensure that no matter what the job type, we check with all of our wide panel of 5* Defaquto Rated Insurers. Did you know, 30.7 million working days were lost due to work-related illness and injury in 2017/18. This shocking statistic shows how common sickness and injuries happen. Have you ever had to take time off because of sickness or injury? Thanks to the income protection policy, we can ensure wages will be covered if you are off sick.

How Can Manor Financial Help?

Here at Manor Financial, we can offer income protection. We strongly believe this is such a valuable product which will help people in any working sector. Not many know about this policy, we try our best to make people aware. We aim to protect as many people as possible and ensure you are financially protected in case the unexpected happens which would lead to time off work. If you are interested in finding out more about income protection, you can also speak to one of our advisors who will talk you through the policy, give you as much information as possible and answer any questions you have about this. Please get in touch today!

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